Cake Pops!

I made these wicked little sugar bombs for the Taaffe spacE art auction and fundraiser and they were a huge hit! The possibilities are endless, as you'll see on both the blog and in the new book from cake pop sensation: Bakerella. Her stuff is really amazing, and I didn't even try to emulate her crazy cool designs.

I knew I wanted to sell some kind of food that seemed artistic - and I think the color theme fit in with Halloween right around the corner. But not only do these cake-on-a-stick treats look cute, they taste downright decadent. I had several people swear to me that they are big time chocolate snobs, and that these were the best thing ev-ah!

While you could just buy one and eat it on the spot, I also picked up plastic treat bags and wrapped them for easy portability. A big Styrofoam round kept them upright and nicely displayed.

If you want to try making these, please go to Bakerella's site or pick up her book. I will warn you that there's a bit of labor involved. Here's the basic run down:

Purchase all the materials you'll need:
Cake (box cake mix works just fine)
Frosting (canned - also fine - this is food on a stick, folks!)
Chocolate melts - available at craft stores like Michael's or in NYC at New York Cake & Baking Distributor - this is a fun place to visit if you're into baking.
Decorating items - jimmies, sprinkles, glitter, edible pens, etc...
Candy Sticks - I got mine at Michael's
Treat Bags - ditto
Styrofoam blocks - ditto
Parchment paper

Start your engines:
Bake the cake and leave time for it to cool completely
Process into crumbs in a food processor
Mix in the frosting
Roll into balls
Insert the sticks with a bit of melted chocolate on the tips
Chill in the fridge for a while or the freezer for less time
Dip into melted chocolate to cover completely - this takes a bit of practice and just the right ball temp. Too warm and the balls will fall off the sticks. Too cold and the chocolate will crack as it hardens. Decorate with sprinkles or jimmies before the chocolate cools completely.

Stick into the Styrofoam blocks to let harden completely, then wrap up in the treats bags.

My flavors were red velvet with cream cheese frosting and chocolate with vanilla frosting. I used brown and orange chocolate melts to cover the balls and decorated using little squeeze bottles.


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Can I make ahead & freeze.... then decorate before serving?