World Record Appreciation Society #8 - Food!

On Wednesday night, the URDB (Universal Record Database) hosted an event in New York City unlike any other I have personally witnessed. A group of yellow-blazered young gents measured, timed, and verified a multitude of world record attempts live on stage - all somehow related to the subject of food. But these were not your average greatest-number-of-hot-dogs-eaten type records. Oh, no. There was the longest chain of straws assembled to drink a soda (over 12 feet,) the most crustless PB&J sandwiches made by 7 people in 1 minute and of course, the most tortillas frisbeed - directly into the crowd - in 30 seconds.

Calling themselves "the definitive site for human achievement," the URDB has had appearances on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, including this amazing one involving Cameron Diaz snuggling bunnies:

Before the record attempts, Thu Tran screened a scene and a trailer from her show Food Party which debuted this summer on IFC. I'm not sure how to describe this show or why it's so hilarious - but Thu is just as funny and endearing in person as on her show. Check out clips on her blog and the IFC site.

Many of the night's record attempts were made by people involved in food and food media, like my friends Rachel Kramer Bussel and Nichelle Stephens of Cupcakes Take the Cake, Adam Pollock of Fifty Bucks a Week and Harry Rosenblum of The Brooklyn Kitchen. I was excited to see Sasha Wizansky of Meatpaper - a lovely food magazine with a very specific theme - claim the record for Most Pig Parts Tasted In One Sitting.

Some highlights from the event:
Fastest Backwards Rendition Of Alphabet While Balancing Egg On Head And Spoon On Nose - Adriana Yugovich

Longest Cupcake Kebab - Rachel Kramer Bussel & Nichelle Stevens of Cupcakes Take the Cake and Nora Vetter of Nibbles by Nora

Fastest Time To Spell “I ♥ PICKLED HERRING” Using Pickled Herrings And Then Eat It - Adam Pollock of Fifty Bucks a Week

Most Cherries Pitted In One Minute - Harry Rosenblum of The Brooklyn Kitchen

Most Crustless PB&J Sandwiches Eaten By 1 Person In 10 Bites - Jake Bronstein

Got your own world record to set? Join the party at URDB.

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