Detox Day 2: The Withdrawal

Detox Diet continues...

Day 2 was a bitch. When I got to work I felt really tired. I was sitting at my computer thinking that any minute I'd wake up and get my day started, but it just kept on. I had a dull nagging headache, I felt hot and dizzy and I had this intense sensation that everything was drooping: my eyelids, my head, my shoulders... I wanted to put my head down on my desk and I kept fantasizing about where in the office I could secretly take a nap. I guess my caffeine withdrawal was delayed by a day. I managed to make it through the rest of my incredibly boring temp job and home on a maddeningly crowded subway from Grand Central Terminal.

I hope that Day 3 will be better, because I'll be forced to drink a pot of coffee and eat a snickers bar if it's not. Seriously, people. I need a big pile of mashed potatoes with butter and salt.

Here's the list for Day 2:
Breakfast: oatmeal w/berries, banana and honey
Morning Snack: rice cakes w/unsalted peanut butter, raisins & banana
Lunch: lentil soup, tomatoes w/basil & olive oil
Afternoon snack: grapes
Dinner: quinoa salad w/tuna, cucumbers & carrots, arugula salad w/avocado, heirloom tomatoes and corn (leftover corn from the night before, cut off the cob.) dressing: olive oil & lemon juice
2 liters of water


LN said...

here's a great tip for getting off of coffee-try teecino at Whole Foods-it tastes just like coffee but it isn't.
good luck to you-you know you can DO IT.

melissa said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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