Hoi An Restaurant

Finally, pho! This little gem is in Tribeca, on West Broadway between Duane and Thomas. I've been craving pho soup as it was a staple in my routine back in rainy Seattle.

My friends I also ordered the #6 appetizer, Nem Nuong and Goi Ga, a shredded chicken salad with a lime & fish sauce dressing.
The appetizer was fantastic - yummy grilled pork patties that you assemble yourself in provided rice paper wrappers with basil, mint and lettuce. Don't forget the dipping sauce.

The soup arrived steaming hot with basil & sprouts already added. We were given small bowls of hot sauce and hoisin sauce to add as desired. At our request, the waiter brought more of both and a heaping bowl of lime wedges. He said that we were making the soup the way he does and that he felt like he had friends. It was darn cute.


Mona said...

Wow, I was just in that neighborhood last night, I probably walked by it and didn't even realize it! I will definitely check it out next time. Those pork patties look great. Love the pictures :)

Jess said...

it is not possible for me to look at a picture of pho without wanted to eat it right away. i'm so glad you found some in ny.