I probably should know better than to try a restaurant like this, but I'm new to my neighborhood in Brooklyn and I thought I should try one of the local Chinese joints. It seems that in this new world the cheap, grimy Chinese restaurant is more ubiquitous than the pizza parlor. Or maybe it's just Clinton Hill. Regardless, this restaurant attracted me for two reasons: the large fish tank with a shimmering waterfall in the entryway, and the unusual combination: Spanish and Chinese cuisine.

We stuck to the Chinese side of the menu and although this was not the pinnacle of Asian cookery, I did enjoy the pot stickers and crispy General Tso's chicken.
The restaurant was turning a good business while we were there. For the cost and proximity I would dine (or maybe order delivery,) from Sapolo again.


Mona said...

Potstickers and general tsao's are my favorite Chinese food fare, along with the sesame chicken. I did just read an article that said there are now more Chinese places in NY than pizza so your observation is correct! My bf is Korean and he tends to go with the credo-the dirtier the better. Sounds awful but that's where he thinks you find the most authentic cuisine as far as Korean (and Chinese) are concerned :) He hates the chic done up places. Thanks for the rec on dad's bday! I'm going to check it out.

melissa said...

mona, thanks for confirming my suspisions! Do you (or swimster,) know of any good places for pho soup?