There is nothing like it. Really. Vivace's espresso has a flavor that's like warm blankets and fluffy pillows with morning sun coming thru the blinds on a Saturday morning when you don't have anywhere to go and your kitty is curled up next to you purring. It's smooth and buttery and rich. And I don't feel like a sucker getting played when I give them my dollars like I do at larger coffee chains associated with Seattle. (Although, when traveling, the single seater bathrooms at Starbucks can be quite a blessing, just ask Betsy.) If you are in Seattle you have no excuse not to drink good coffee, especially with places like Vivace around.

So, everyone I know has a favorite drink at Vivace. Here's the one Robyn introduced me to:
It's a Cafe Nico and involves a good deal of orange flavor and cinnamon. It's a tasty little cup for sure.

What's your favorite? Did they name it after you? Lay it on me.

Here's the boyfriend with an iced mocha:
He looks kinda mean, huh? He's actually a big sweetie, but don't tell anyone.


Jessica said...

how exciting. i am excited to keep up to date on what you are eating, especially when you move to ny. fun.

Jessica said...

my favorite drink at vivace is called a mitch (named after a fella who used to work there). it is a double espresso with a little bit of water added to it. it is so very good.

Travis D said...

riff is gonna jump out of that photo and kick my ass! run for the hills!

Claudia said...

wonderful idea this!
beautiful pictures all, makes me hungry.

Betsy said...

My favorite drink at Vivace is the (drum roll please) Dirty Renee, introduced to me by Mary, a vivace barista. This drink consists of melting turbinado sugar into hot espresso, adding big twists of orange zest, packing with ice, topping with water and then a generous splash of half n' half. In other words, its an iced americano with orange zest....but Melissa has inspired me to talk all fancy n' stuff.
M- I super, double, triple love your food blog. My favorite photo is the cream puff....not just because I love to eat them.